Sunday, July 6, 2008

Immortal Technique's Revolutionary Campaign

Immortal Technique is such a very busy man these days. He just released his new album The 3rd World and now he is putting time in to expand his revolutionary gifts. Immortal just confirmed his plans to build a school, orphanage and clinic in Kabul, Afghanistan. In order to follow through with his plan he is partnering up with non-profit human rights organization Omeid International. The project that Immortal hopes to flourish is intended for children without families due to war and disease. The Institute will be named The Amin (literally translating to mean trustworthy in Arabic) Institute.

Here are some direct lines from Immortal Technique’s letter stating his pledge to the cause:

“The orphanage section will house 20 children at first, from toddlers to ages 10, while the clinic will service the impoverished community surrounding it.

- There will be caregivers there, widows, dedicated people that have witnessed the violence that has consumed the country since the Russian Invasion first hand.

- There will also be a school the serves the area and will teach K through 5 to the children with certified teachers from here and Afghanistan. And we will also have the children work with therapists and psychologists to aid their undiagnosed post traumatic disorder that in many cases rivals that of veteran infantry troops…”

Immortal Technique goes on to state that the problems at hand are not Middle Eastern nor Muslim problems solely but Human Rights issues in general. Due to this strong belief he has come together with people that have “a passionate desire for real change…people from all over the globe [that] have been activated and are in motion”.

Aside from his musical talents that we know so well, Immortal is ready to get this revolution up and running. Don’t forget to check out his new album and if you’d like to donate and read more about the cause visit the website at