Thursday, May 8, 2008

Immortal Technique - The 3rd World Tracklist

No hush hush news. Its coming. June 24th marks the release of "The 3rd World", one of the most anticipated albums in years. Yes, actual anticipation after almost 5 years since Immortal Technique's previous release. While no album has surfaced since Revolutionary, Vol. 2, he has released several freestyles and singles such as "Bin Laden" Featuring Mos Def and Eminem , which became an internet craze. Other noted releases include the "Watch Out" freestyle (Over Rick Ross's Hustling beat) and the music video for AKIR's "Treason" that featured Immortal Technique daily on national television since the BET Freestyle Friday battles.

Immortal Technique, the revolutionary, has made further recent news in regards to the Sean Bell verdict by not only attracting press, but also by drawing in over 100k unique visitors to his Myspace page in the last week alone. He has created a blog entry called the "Police State Chronicles: Excerpts from the Street" that calls action to those victim of police brutality and abuse of authority. In total, over 400 personal stories have been collected and gathers for a larger packet that will be sent to congress. No gender or race has been segregated from these files. Its is a national issue that all citizens must be aware of since it interferes with our constitutional rights. This is just one of the daily contributions that has kept Immortal Technique engaged in our society.

DJ Green Lantern (DJ for Jay-Z) and Immortal Technique will be live on Sirius Satellite's Shade 45 channel on Monday, May12th for more updates on this phenomenal release. The album's premise is far from "Playing it safe". While most every artist in the last year has stepped away from breaking the boundaries and tackling issues that we are still currently facing, Immortal Technique proves why he is still considered a Revolutionary of the world. The album release party has already been set in place, so no worries on this album to be anticipated after June 24th. Two worlds will collide for the birth of "The 3rd World".

The 3rd World Album Release Event
June 24th, 9pm
Highline Ballroom
431 W 16 Street
Ny, NY 10011
(Between 9th and 10th Ave)

The 3rd World is Immortal Technique’s first full-length in 5 years.

Guests include Chino XL, Crooked I, & Ras Kass. Peep the tracklist and lineup.
1. Death March (featuring Dj Green Lantern)
2. That’s What It Is
3. Golpe De Estado (featuring Veneno & Temperamento)
4. Harlem Renaissance
5. Lick Shots (featuring Chino XL, Crooked I)
6. Interlude
7. The 3rd World
8. Hollywood Driveby (featuring Psycho Realm & Street Platoon)
9. Watchout (RMX)
10. Reverse Pimpology (featuring Mojo)
11. Open Your Eyes
12. The Payback (featuring Diabolic & Ras Kass)
13. Adios Uncle Tom-Skit
14. Stronghold Grip (featuring Poison Pen & Swave Sevah)
15. Mistakes
16. Out on Parole
17. Crimes of the Heart (featuring Maya Azucena)
**Bonus track (R.O.T.C. featuring J.Arch & Da Circle)