Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nas Leaks More Details Of New LP - Praises M.F. DOOM

Nas' new album Nigger may never drop, but it definitely appears as though Nas is still promoting it like it's coming soon. Originally slated for release in 2007, then bumped to February, then April, the album is now due, July 1 on Def Jam, until of course it gets pushed back to Christmas time, and then becomes "Greatest Story Never Told Part. 2".

Apparently the album is still being finished, (which could actually explain the delay?) and Nas is leaking details. He recently sat down with MTV and had this to say, "Somebody asked me, what's your inspiration for this album? Everything that's happening every day. I can't really turn an album in when, like, next week it will be something else that will come to light and make me want to write about something. It's hard to finally wrap it up, but I finally got there. I'm finally there now...This year looks like it's going to be amazing." He also stated "Nigger" will include the tracks "Project Roach", featuring him rapping from the point of view of a cockroach (what?), and "Y'all My Niggers", on which Nas delves into the history of the n-word. Other songs include "This Is Not America", produced by Stargate, "Sly Fox", produced by Stic.Man of Dead Prez, and the title track. As of a February report, an unnamed DJ Khaled-produced track and a Polow Da Don-produced number called "My Legacy" were jockeying for first single status. Another track called "Be a Nigger Too", co-produced by long-time Nas knob-twiddler Salaam Remi and Big Jack, recently surfaced as well. Jermaine Dupri and DJ Toomp are also rumored to have produced tracks on Nigger, and Rick Ross, the LOX, and both halves of Dead Prez will potentially guest on the record.

Nas also caught up with OnSmash and stated his praise for both Jay Electronica and get this - MF DOOM. Yep, Nas is trying to lock down some MF DOOMAGE on the new album, either MCing or production, but apparently Nas is having trouble finding him (or at least the real DOOM) and goes on to say that Jay and Doom are his two favorite in the game right now. Another interesting note of the interview is how Nas seems like he's surprised that Jay Electronica took time out of his schedule to record with him. Wow, glad Jay Electronica can fit a Nas collabo in his busy schedule of giving it to Badu and getting his dick sucked by bloggers and message board fan boys. I love rap. Click Here to check out the full video.