Sunday, May 18, 2008

Think The Foxy Brown Album Sucks? So Does Foxy Brown

Haven't seen KOCH shadiness like this since the KRIStyles album a few years ago, but it is what it is. Here is a statement from Foxy Brown herself denouncing her latest album and certified hot gahhhbage;

"Brooklyn's Don Diva, my highly anticipated street album which hit stores Tuesday, is, as it was always intended to be, a mix tape street album - the warm-up to my long-awaited, epic, 4th studio album Black Roses. Unfortunately, during my incarceration, this CD was compiled without my approval. I heard this CD in its entirety for the first time just days ago and was devastated. Riddled with grief over an album that was seemingly so carelessly orchestrated, I sat down with the president of Koch to come to a decision on how to make the best of this situation. In another phase of my life and career I would have dealt with this situation with litigation, but for the benefit of my fans and in the wake of the profound spiritual cleansing I recently underwent in prison, i made the decision to settle our creative differences amicably. My fans have waited 7 years for an in-store release and deserve my very best.

Next month, Koch records and I will be re-releasing "Brooklyn’s Don Diva” with 5 new records, videos, publicity, mass marketing and promotion. I am of a certain pedigree, and i have an obligation to my fans to deliver the level of product my brand is accustomed to. In order to preserve my artistic integrity, the new release will have my stamp of approval and fingerprints all over it. Going indepependent was a great business decision and I believe Koch and I will deliver the biggest street album in female rap history.” ~ Foxy Brown


Anonymous said...

It did suck