Monday, February 18, 2008

Nas Targets April For New Album

After stirring up more controversy during the 50th annual Grammy Awards, it appears Nas and Def Jam may be closer to an actual release date for his Nigger album.
"[It's coming out] April 22," says Nas. "I'm over Black History Month. I think we are part of American History and we should have it all year 'round."

Rumors have been spreading about the album since Nas announced the title during a concert in October of 2007. Proposed release dates have included December 2007, and also February 2008. A single entitled, "What It Is" was leaked, but Nas later stated that the song would not be included on the album.

While the reaction to the album's title has been mixed, Nas remained optimistic, despite all of the delays.

"The timing couldn't be more perfect," Nas tells The Poetess of Sirius Satellite Radio's The Foxxhole [click to listen]. "Nobody's going to tell the truth about race relations if they're not offended or angered. Everybody's just hiding behind the veil of half-truths...They think that if you don't talk about it it'll go away."
As previously mentioned, Salaam Remi