Monday, February 18, 2008

RZA Designs Customised Guitar Center Beat Machine

Guitar Center, RZA and Bruce Forat have announced the "very limited edition" release of the Roland RZA/Forat Custom MV8800 :

"This very limited edition machine was co-designed by legendary electronic pioneer Bruce Forat and RZA, producer/founder of multi-platinum hip-hop trailblazers Wu-Tang Clan. The Roland RZA/Forat Custom MV8800 also features original artwork by Forat and RZA, in a hand-painted pattern that is familiar to fans of the Wu-Tang with its nod to the "8 Diagrams" of the I Ching. The eight RZA/Forat machines go on sale February 28th, priced at $5999.00 each."

Buyers will get a "private" group workshop with the RZA. There’s also a free Guitar Center Sessions event in Hollywood on the 28th.

About Bruce Forat from the press release :

"Bruce Forat has been at the forefront of music electronics for the last 25 years. Forat has personally customized drum machines and keyboards for top musicians including Prince, Dr. Dre, Jermaine Dupree, The Neptunes, Madonna, Lil’ Jon, Snoop Dogg and more."