Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who's One Of Lil Kim's Ghostwriters?

The eMC has been generating enthusiasm in many circles regarding the release of their upcoming group project The Show. The album, made by Wordsworth, Masta Ace, Punchline and Stricklin is set to hit iTunes and store shelves soon. After the leak of their LP, the group is still going strong. Punchline recently spoke directly to us about the group, his own ghostwriting endeavors and upcoming plans for a kid's show.

When asked who he ghostwrites for, Punch gave Unsigned Hype the usual answer.
"That's why they call it ghostwriting," he joked before letting us in on one. "I will give you one."
"I just wrote a few joints for Lil Kim's new [album.]"

It isn't the first time he's done this for Kim, either.
"I did five joints for her last mixtape Ms. GOAT," he added.
Aside from working with Lil' Kim, he is also working on a project for kids. Currently, he is writing and working on tracks for a cartoon set to be on a major network next year.

"The name of the cartoon is called Kids Block. It's created by Steve Rifkin and The Trackmasters coming out next year. I write all the songs for it. It's like a Hip hop version of Sesame Street," he described.
eMC's The Show is set to hit iTunes February 26 and store shelves March 25.