Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thirstin Howl The 3rd

:: The original polo-rican Thirstin Howl The 3rd has been hard at work on a variety of projects and endless list of songs. just released his latest single, “I’m Living,” with his flawless choppy rhyme-flow over a bright jazzy banging beat. This track is just a sample of what’s to come in the new year. He’s collaborated with film producer Jokes in creating a recent DVD, The Polo Rican Movie, and several music videos. On January 1st, Thirstin will release a surprise music video and follow-up music videos once a month thereafter. Learn more about his incredible music career and future plans at ::

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Lyricist, Producer, Director and Fashion Historian are just a few titles to describe THIRSTIN HOWL THE 3RD, the HipHop legend. A multi-media do it all, THIRSTIN HOWL THE 3RD is the most complete package of an artist. Capable of adapting with any generation without sacrificing originality. Ten years already holding down the underground crown THIRSTIN HOWL THE 3RD has independently released a catalogue of albums and DVD’s and toured the world. Through his own imprint SKILLIONAIRE ENTERPRISES he has established a global fan base and (Ralph Lauren) POLO cult following bringing him mainstream recognition In both the English and Spanish markets.

“Boriqua, Gold medalist, Street Athlete, Goya’s gonna wanna name beans after me.”

Armed with a sharp tongue and unpredictable topics, THIRSTIN HOWL THE 3RD a Puerto Rican who earned his stripes in BROWNSVILLE, BROOKLYN. 50 deep by himself, with street credibility, jail discipline and corporate intellect done humorously. THIRSTIN HOWL THE 3RD has been the true example of INDEPENDENT HIP HOP music, film and lifestyle. Earning the Sept. ’97 “Unsigned Hype” spot in the Source Magazine, as well as partnering with EMINEM for the Rap Olympics that same year. He went from writer and cast member of MTV’S LYRICIST LOUNGE SHOW (2000) to Producing and writing his own cooking show “JAIL RECIPES” in 2007. Unlimited imagination and Bilingual creativity, THIRSTIN HOWL THE 3RD is considered one of the greatest punch line rappers ever heard!

With the production team called ANGER BANGERS consisting of E-BOOGIE, RONNY RAY-GUN AND THIRSTIN HOWL THE 3RD. They are responsible for the hits throughout the entire SKILLIONAIRE catalogue. Not to mention numerous of other well know artist in English and Spanish.

A thirsty-fiend for hip hop beginning with graffiti and break dancing in the early 80’s. THIRSTIN is someone who studied every element of this culture to the fullest. Hip-hop’s generation he has lived through every era of it. Even from the fashion standpoint. THIRSTIN HOWL THE 3RD aka BIG VIC LO is one of the original founders and the originator of the name LO-LIFES. (NYC boosters who dominated Ralph Lauren’s POLO as a fashion and lifestyle by any means in the 1980’s , 1990’s, 2000, forever!). The stories were featured in Source Magazine’s series through Sept, Oct., and Nov. 2000, titled LOVE & LOYALTY. The LOLIFE stories began to surface in Stress Magazine’s, The LOLIFE Story (feb. 1998 issue), The LOLIFE Story, part II (Jan. 1999 issue), and have appeared in countless other publications from TRACE to XXL. Soon to be followed by THE LO-LIFES BOOK SERIES, MOVIE and DOCUMENTARY. Evidence of what led to a world wide influence in hip-hop’s fashion and culture.

“I know the streets and the struggle, When it rains money I might let you sip some puddles”

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