Saturday, October 18, 2008

Keep Hatin' Freestyle - Chamillionaire *Mixtape Messiah 5*

**Mixtape Messiah 5 Coming November
Then, speaking on contemporary artists, Chamillionaire humbly turned it over to peer and collaborator Lil Wayne. I give it to Wayne, man. He out-working everybody on the mixtape circuit. When I talk to the underground stores out here in the mixtape world, they tell me that Wayne’s runnin’ it. He’s the most active.

He’s putting out the best material there’s so much of it. I remember right before his album dropped, it was a song that had leaked called ‘Lisa Marie’ Everybody thought it was [going to be on Tha Carter III]. It didn’t even go on his album. That was a real record to me, but it was on a mixtape. He has a lot of records like that. I’m impressed by that. That’s what everybody needs to do.

With seeming dominance of the third quarter, Chamillionaire plans to return to his own rapid pace of recording, promising Mixtape Messiah 5 coming in November