Thursday, October 16, 2008

DJ Shadow Talks James Brown, Ditching His MPC

When he's not deejaying and producing, Qunnum Projects founder DJ Shadow likes to hit the blogosphere via his website, When asked to clarify his recent remarks to Remix magazine, Shadow blogged that the move away from the Akai MPC series he used for so long was more about change than anything.

"I felt as though The Private Press was the best record I could ever make on the MPC, and I was eager for a change," says Shadow. "It was also important to me that I not get stagnant and start repeating things I had done in the past. So I switched it up and forced myself to 'go back to school,' in a sense. I felt that if I refused to rely on the MPC and learn new techniques my music would change, for better or worse, and change was what I craved most."

Shadow added that he does plan on bringing some form of MPC technology back into the mix, because the sequencer/sampler is still "the easiest way I have found to quickly get a groove going."

One thing DJ Shadow has apparently not abandoned is his love of all things related to the late Soul legend James Brown. Shadow was present this summer when Christie's auctioned off millions of dollars worth of Brown memorabilia. Among the lot was a plaque issued from Georgia Governor and future US President, Jimmy Carter. Carter commended Brown for his 1972 recording, "King Heroin," and added a hand-written thank you note stating, "Thanks for your help with heroin addiction--1972."

When asked about why he would be after such a random piece of memorabilia, Shadow simply replied, "Because he is the Godfather." Christie's reports that the plaque has a realized price of $500. Shadow can also be found as a featured guest on the upcoming album from The Mighty Underdogs entitled Droppin' Science Fiction.