Sunday, July 6, 2008

The "BONE40 presents Jaboy Fry" freEP

In a time where every street seems to drop a mixtape (often with well-known instrumentals) Jaboy Fry (U.S.A.) and producer Bone 40 (The Netherlands) take a different route…offering 5 full tracks (plus one bonus track) from their upcoming project. They bring this to you from a love for hip-hop, but not limited by it, delving further into old soul, dark dub and experimental jams.

Bone40 presents Jaboy Fry

Things done changed with the inception of the internet…

Hip-hop used to be a very local scene, beginning in the United States, with representing your own street, block & hood. Nowadays it’s possible to connect easily with people worldwide. A rapper from the back streets of Institute, West Virginia (USA) can holler at a producer from a small town in the Netherlands (Europe.)

And that’s exactly what happened with Jaboy Fry (rapper/singer) and Bone40 (producer). One simple e-mail led to a project based on their shared love for melodious hip-hop, raw soul, dark dub and jazzy trip-hop.

Jaboy Fry

An amazing artist & one of the best upcoming stars. Born in Charleston, West Virginia, rapper/soul singer Aaron Fryson (Jaboy Fry) relocated to Institute, West Virginia with his parents and two siblings. He has never had any formal music training, but was brought up on a steady diet of soul, R&B, gospel and pop music from an early age. As a child he adopted his father’s love of music, as their home was immersed with the sounds of traditional gospel/jazz accompanied by such American R&B/Soul icons as Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. Being a drummer for more than 15 years has given Aaron an internal rhythm that allows him to create unique distinctive flows.

His first experiences with rapping were on a political, conscious level, performing at NAACP conventions and such. Currently he performs on a regular basis in West-Virginia and teams up with several (NY) underground artists like Preechman and Byata.

Luckily for us, Aaron Fryson’s path has led him to follow his heart and his music. He concludes: “I have never pursued a nice comfortable career path, but music is where my heart is and with so much time on this planet I plan on following my bliss. I do believe that everything you do in life leads you to your ultimate destiny.”


Born in the early 80’s in a small town in the Netherlands, Dutch Producer Bone40 caught the hip-hop-virus at the age of 10 through artists like Public Enemy, NWA, and LL Cool J.

From then on, his deepest, biggest desire was to own a sampler and 2 turntables…..But all he got was the old, antiquated piano in the living room to work out his ideas plus his father’s tape-decks to loop with (“yeah, sorry for that, dad”). His search for the roots of hip hop led to the discovery of several soul, funk and reggae (dub) artists, and in combination with the keys, to a balance between dark beats and melodious tunes.

Nowadays he’s furthered his love and passion for music and brings layered productions which balance between hip-hop, blues, soul, dub and trip-hop, often laced with bluesy improvisations. He has also worked with several vocalists on various projects.

Please check and & Download the new EP.

Stay tuned for the EP review.