Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Usher Explains Where He Stands

Usher’s Here I Stand not only marks his triumphant return to the R&B scene, but as he explains to, the album documents a journey from boyhood to manhood, one that has taken on new meaning since the birth of his son. Read Usher in his own words explain why Here I Stand is more than just an album to him.

I know it sounds clich̩ to say that all of [the songs] equally are my favorite, but my favorite thing that I did on this album are the interludes because honestly I feel like it's one cohesive effort to make an album. The actual song that was written Рit's actually not a full song; it's an interlude. I did an interlude to my son that I call "Pray for You" Рone of my greatest written pieces of work in life. That would be the most rewarding out of all of them, you know?

There are several songs that are built off of the topic of personal position, personal reflection. That's why I kind of made a difference between those songs that are on the album and in the interludes. That's always the most fun part for me. But seeing that it was for my son, specifically, was really incredible. I want to make sure that I'm proud of the father that I am to my child.

But there [are topics] of life, love, decisions, choices that are made, repercussions, the reality, you know, of the journey of life, of manhood. Here you have before you a young man, who stepped into true manhood, not only because of my child but also because of the decisions that I made in the span of two years. You know, it was all of the things that happened before that led up to this brilliant moment. But, you know, now I'm able to voice how I feel about certain things and allow myself to be vulnerable in exposing certain things through my music.

The most challenging thing about making this album was… I got to say it like this: It is very hard to tell the truth, but it's even harder to tell yourself a lie. And in making each and every song, I realized this. It was just very painful to talk about certain things, in life – just the honesty in it, and finding the voice to feel comfortable and vulnerable in a way, in a sense to say certain things. I'm sharing these intimate thoughts and this intimate place that I'm in with everybody. Of course, that is really what it is, and that's what makes it authentic soul R&B music. But it was a hard one. The ability to not conform to the standard of what music was considered at the time, and find that voice and find that place where people will understand that this is a savior of love, this is a savior of real music.

I kind of modeled this one as an example for my son to someday understand that when you stand and you stand for what's right, regardless to what anyone else's opinion may be, you are right because no man is able to judge another for what he stands for. So Here I Stand, you'll understand what I stand for.