Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Sneaker Store Terrorist Is Raising The Stakes

Miami, Florida US – June 10, 2008 – Rahsaan bridges two realms of Hip-Hop with the release of his most recent single, “Sneaker Store Terrorist,” an ode to urban sneaker fiends and the resurging retro scene. Here, Rahsaan displays his fresh, fly swagger while delivering precise lyricism over a nostalgic 80’s freestyle beat, courtesy of Needlz from The Marksmen (responsible for 50 Cent’s “Piggy Bank” and countless others). Unlike gimmicky sneaker songs of the past, Rahsaan uniquely describes his passion for kicks as an addict’s account to a therapist. His adoration for sneakers is just one element that comprises his heavy-fashionable persona, also known as A Fly Guy. This is justified by his 9 years as a fashion professional, designing for Mecca, his own line, and more. Being a true MC at heart, he uses this as a reflection of the blend between new Hipster style and traditional Hip-Hop flavor, proving his authentic fusion of the two, also seen on the single’s b-side track, “Bonafied Lovin’ (The Chromeo Flavor).”

“He's not trying to be totally retro like The Cool Kids, nor is he stuck in the fantasy that the '80s can be brought back. Instead, dude is fusing crisp, 2000 and now beats with fresh urban apparel and Big Daddy Kane-esque flow.” – Jonathan Cunningham, The Broward-Palm Beach New Times

Rahsaan earned himself the “Best Male Solo Performer” award at the prestigious Underground and Indie Award Show in New York in early 2007. He recently moved back to South Florida where he quickly embedded himself into the music scene, performing consistently at various clubs and established himself as a recurring premier act at Miami Live, an exclusive industry weekly in South Beach. In his short time back in Miami, Rahsaan has graced several blogs and ezines, including, and has already showcased his talents on CBS News.

“Sneaker Store Terrorist” can be found alongside 20-some more tracks in Rahsaan’s upcoming FLY PAPER street project, scheduled for release in mid-July on Fortune Entertainment. The majority of the material will consist of original tracks, where Rahsaan’s variety ranges from party-anthem joints to songs with more artistic substance, mixed seamlessly with golden-era classics, coining this project his very own “blendtape.” FLY PAPER demonstrates Rahsaan’s transformation and growth into a universal, captivating sound that remains authentic to his character – plain and simple, “A Fly Guy.”

About Rahsaan:

Rahsaan has a mission that harkens back to the early days of hip-hop, bringing forth realness and heartfelt stories through rhyme. Born in Georgetown, Guyana, his vision of society began in a country enduring endless political violence and corruption; a vision that slightly improved when he relocated to Brooklyn in the mid-80’s, during New York’s crack epidemic. He spent the next decade of his life traveling back and forth between Miami and New York, two places he considers home. It was through years of life-altering experiences that Rahsaan: the man, the MC, and superstar began to emerge. Rahsaan has always submerged himself in Hip-Hop culture, returning to New York to work briefly at Def Jam and designing clothes for Mecca, two accomplishments that helped catapult his music career, leading to national performances with Trey Songz and J. Ivy, and appearing in several Mecca ad campaigns. His impeccable character and stage presence earned him an award at New York’s Underground and Indie Award show. Now, a Miami resident, Rahsaan continues to add to his accolade’s with a new upcoming project, FLY PAPER, that will inevitably show his extraordinary style, as a man, an MC, and a superstar. “When I think of Rakim’s ‘Microphone Fiend…,’” Rahsaan says, “I’m the epitome of that shit!”

FLY PAPER will be available for full download online at-