Sunday, May 18, 2008

Money Breeds More Money: 50 Cent / $300 Million Dollar Deal?

Guess this muhfukka isn't going to have to die trying after all. The rumor mill is abuzz with talk about 50 Cent's latest score, namely a reported $300 million dollar deal with Rupert Murdoch's New Corp. Yes the same f*ggots who own Fox News are going to be signing checks to 50 Cent. This blockbuster deal is said to be similar in nature to Jay-Z's Live Nation deal which calls for partnerships across various platforms. According to, the deal would go into effect in 2009, in which News Corp would take a large stjavascript:void(0)
Publish Postake in all aspects of the 50 Cent brand -- including music, books, concerts, and his G-Unit label.

The deal would help launch the company's MySpace Records, as 50 and his G-Unit roster would move under the label's umbrella. Sources say half the deal will be in stock, in which 50 Cent would become one of the largest shareholders of News Corp. (Does this mean that Bill O'Reilly is going to have to start answering to the Fifster?) Also under the deal, 50's online community,, would be acquired by News Corp, his touring would be marketed through and sold via the company, and would also include a G-Unit book deal, and music publishing for 50 and the artists under his label. While the deal is still in the works, it is not expected to be finalized until next year, after the rapper fulfills his contract requirements with Interscope Records. Let the haters hate (they will).