Saturday, March 1, 2008

Why You Should Never Sign with Another Rapper

Juelz Santana, Max B, Remy, Cuban Link, Jay Hood, everyone on Roc-A-Fella the listed of disgruntled rappers we’ve heard from goes seems to go on and on. But lets all be honest they primarily have only themselves to blame for breaking one of the cardinals sins of the business of hip hop…a mistake you out there, you “potential rappers,” would be a idiot to make…they all signed…to another rapper!

If you want another rapper to help you…write better raps…now that’s logical. Need a hook…throw him some cash if need be, but don’t sign a 5 album deal so you can get cosigned. What the hell do they know about developing and selling anyone but themselves! And what worse…they’re not even really in charge. The same people they have to politic with you for budget, they have to polly with for theirs.

When the Dipset started, it was 100% about Cam. Then both Jim and Juelz became far more relevant than me. So of course he bugs out! Problems!

Max B comes out through Jim, but Jim’s got to focus on getting all his paper right. To hell is Byrdgang…problems!

Everyone from Terror Squad is vamoose because Fat Joe blew out to Miami to make sure he got his ringtones monies right…problems!

Rumor has it that DTP just got their entire collection of R&B artists fired this week! And no one on Rocafella, more than half of them being from my own city of Philly, can understand why they can’t get a couple extra bars on “American Gangster.”

You think Jay Millz’s gonna have any more success than Currency had on Young Money? Your boss admits he’s addicted to syrup!

Sure, there are some anomalies here and there, T-Pain and Akon, John Legend and Kanye, but more likely, you’ll be Peedi Crakk or Triple Seis or any other disgruntled rapper, at home pissed knowing whatever tracks you turned in will never see the light of day.

Best advice, make hits on your own, get a fan base on MySpace, and sign with Koch.