Friday, March 7, 2008

Hype Report - B.I Bang aka Legend Killa

Artist / Group Name: B.I Bang aka Legend Killa

Name of song you are sending: Whip It Good (Ship it Over Night)

Artist / Group Website:

Where is the artist located: Jersey City,NJ 07304

How did you get started with your music?
My best friend Erik Cutler got me spitting in High School (Ferris
High) he told me I looked like I rap so he got me started,but dudes
like Flame Spitta and Matrix from the Jersey City Rap scene tooke me
under they wing and taught me style and wordplay...and I just took
those lessons and created my own style.

What are you currently working on?
"Garden State Massacre" is now finished that's a mixtape with DJ D-New
who is my official DJay. He's 15 years old.Also my album"Population
Hero"which I am currently shopping to labels. Doing shows and getting
the business right. Being I'm my own manager its gets tough when your
focus on so many issues and still find time to make relevant music.My
road manager is working on a situation with Lil Flip on some big
things. Hopefully this can work out.

What kind of music do you listen to and how does it influence your music?
Classic music like old school hiphop and soul music I try to stay away
from whats (so called)popping in the industry. It may influence me to
sound like this or that artist so I stay away.To sit in my own zone
and my own pocket. But for the most part old school music influence me
as a person not as a artist cause in those days it was a love thing
and they loved loving the feeling they got from loving the art of
music.That feeling is gone. I feel warm when I hear Chaka,or Sam
Cook,Temptations,Marvin Gaye.

What's your opinion on mainstream music today? What do you like or not like?
It's not how hot you are its who you know or what area of the country
is popping.Hiphop is 1 bar away from nik nak patty wak give a dog a
bone raps.Instead of record companies investing on talent and taking a
risk everyone wants to be safe and take the safe route.Jeezy is
hot..let's say an A&R heard my music and they need another artist they
would choose an artist in Jeezy's camp before me.Not because his boy
is hotter then me its because of what Jeezy did in the game.Thats all
fucked up! Thats what I don't like about the game.

Who do you admire?
My Father and Mom,I lost my father this past Thanksgiving and that
shit hurts still I miss him everyday.I love you pops(John Richard
Williams Sr.) Big Dog My brother Keith for showing me strength in the
25th hour.

Why would people want to listen to your music over someone else's?
I'm new, I'm fresh,I'm original spitting bars in a whole new
pocket.Different voice the truth.hott your gonna get my life which
happens to be a very interesting life.

Who have you worked with and how have they affected your work?
Umm I did G-Unit Radio on Sirius just seeing and listening how these
guys handle business and take views on life and create situations on
top of conversation is unbelieveable. Whoo Kid DJ Man Dog..Also people
like Big Charles who taught me the business side of things in a
meeting in D.C,he went into every situation in the music game. Chuck
my music consultant is great.All these guys taught me business and my
talents are worth the dollar.
What is your local music scene like?
It's baby Motown very talented labels really should come to a showcase
and see what Jersey City has to offer the hiphop and r&b game.

What suggestions do you have for other artists in the music industry?
Don't quit.hard work pays off and don't wait for ya mans to do
something for you you'll be waiting a lifetime.
Where do you see yourself in a year from now?
The biggest Hiphop artist in the game and with help from websites such
as it's very possible.

Any additional information you would like us to know

That I am 28 yrs-old and outside of Joe Buddens and the A-Team I am
the only other rap artist from Jersey City tot get air play. And its
been under radar. I think its time I get the respect from my peers.
Da Furnance Ent and 240 Ent is the family.Big Charles what up. Look
out I'm coming and when I come I will cherish the moment so my reign
will last for a long time get use to B.I Bang.


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