Tuesday, January 29, 2008

L Chanes brings the Pain

Hip hop artist L.Chanes offers a breath of fresh air to the otherwise saturated hip-hop scene. His lyrics inform the listener of the troubles of life, with careful broad based application to the entire public.L. Chanes music is not discriminatory or aimed towards one lifestyle, color, or race. Rather than talk about the life of living in the ghetto with profanity and so called “bling” terminology, the artist reaches his audience with his journey. L.Chanes is from Brooklyn N.Y but has lived in Virginia, so he considers VA a second home. His music largely talks about the let downs and struggles of everyday life. Both Chanes` s mother and father recently passed away. As result, L.Chanes` s music is largely inspired by his parents. The audience benefits from his personal lyrical content by getting a genuine history of his personal struggle. L. Chanes does notfeel hip-hop is necessarily in a bad place, however, it takes the genre back to the old-school story telling days, while still reaching a new school audience. As for his influences, one could say the artist is similar to the likes of such influential hip hop emcees as, Mos Def, and Common, while having the flavor and new school edge of a 50 Cent. However,Chanes` s style and delivery is innovative and new,and while such artists have clearly influenced his craft, he brings his own approach to each and every track. L.Chanes` s goals are simply to affect people through his music, and to hopefully get signed to a major label in an effort to reach a broader audience.

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