Monday, January 28, 2008

Gwap Guy aka Lav Icogneeto No More

Lav Incogneeto is a Boston, MA native who comes to the spotlight with a deep, comedic, smooth, and thugged out style of music.

Starting in the late 90s, Lav stepped into the music scene strong and prepared. Giving his peers in his neighborhood a new sound and style to vibe to and compete against. To go back a little bit, Lav was born and raised in the Cathedral Projects of Boston, MA. He lost his mother at the tender age of 6. Lav then began performing in talent shows throughout the neighborhood and as years passed developed his aggressive but smooth metaphoric lyrics from his hardships, visual images and everyday life.

The lyrics to all of Lav’s music, which he writes, has a diverse range of topics and arrangements. One minute he can be a ladies man and catch the attention of the women with songs like Come On. Then he can keep it real with the streets with tracks like Who the H*ll and P*ssee. Of course he can bring you party tracks such as 3s Up (Lean) and other tracks that transcend strong messages. When it comes to Lav, he’s consistent and study with current events and what’s happening around him at that very moment.

In 2005 Lav started to move his music career into a more serious direction. He began recording tracks and it lead to a debut album called Meet Guy Brown. The album he’s working on will contain his pain, struggle, humor, and fight. The pain he endured in life; the struggle to be on top; the humor to keep life going; and the fight to be heard.

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