Monday, January 28, 2008

T- Req

T-ReQ aka TreQuan Love was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He never wanted to be a rapper while growing up. But as he got older and his love for music expanded. He picked rapping as a hobby.
Before T-ReQ was born, he went under many alias'.There was LT, Lil' Buck, Tre, Oh Boy and many more. The names changed and he finally he came to the one name which really was for him. Being his name was TreQuan, he decided to be creative and take his first initial, T and add the ReQ which would stand for "wreck" and T-ReQ was born. T-ReQ is known through out NY, gaining his little reputation by battling in crowds and promoting himself in the streets of Brooklyn, once battling in front of street rapper, Papoose.
In the winter of 2006, ReQ was signed to an indie label, Loop Boy Records, in which he is ready to leave because he is not getting no real support. He also now has his own producer which is making due for both of them. ReQ was featured on local Yonkers rapper R Twizz's mix tape "Takin Care of Business Vol. 1" with his track "It's Cold Outside". At such a young age of 15, ReQ has ghostwritten for plenty of underground rappers and is preparing for his own mix tape debut, "The Definition of Crack Vol. 1.0" which should be dropping by April 2007. This page will be updated and help support T-ReQ the best you can because he wants to make it in this world just like everyone else.