Sunday, July 6, 2008


How do you feel when you think about the word Saturday?
For some people it’s the day you can sleep late after working hard all week. For others it’s a night on the town, the fast life, hot cars and pretty women at the bar. Almost like a scene from a movie. Saturday is usually the day special events take place. That’s the way I live, like everyday is SADADAY, says this Bronx native. The street’s taught me you can sell anything, if you create a market for it. Quality always out sell quantity. The rap game is like the drug game, but I’m the product.
SADADAY is the CEO/Artist of 5*4*20 Records. He pressed up 1000 pieces of vinyl and started to promote himself. His records and freestyles have been featured on over 1000 different mixtapes, sirius satellite radio, online magazines, and college radio. He appeared on numerous street DVD’s like GWOP DVD, THE BAKERY ENHANCED, THUGS THEORY, AND GRIND DVD to name a few. His mixtape MONEY COST MONEY is making a buzz from the streets to the board rooms. The tracks are made by SUPER PRODUCER LIVESON. He produced for D BLOCK, JADAKISS, STYLES P, SHEEK LOUCH, REMY MA, and DRAG ON just to name a few. The new mixtape "WELCOME TO SADATOWN" is a classic that you can play from start to finish. It comes with a bonus documentary DVD, with exclusive interviews, video's, and live performances. It gives you insight into the grind of a dedicated independent artist. People don’t realize you work harder when you work for yourself says SADADAY. Along with partner Raquel Sweets we cover all avenues from independent promotions, CD/DVD Duplications, and art work for albums and posters. Realizing it was more than music, SADADAY started SADAMAN FILMS. He is the Executive Producer of SCURRY LIFE DVD. Vol.1 featured FLOYD MAYWEATHER, DRAG ON, DOMINATION, TONY SUNSHINE, and INFAMOUS MOBB. Vol.2 in stores now, features JOELL ORTIZ, MAINO, BLACKHAND, SEAN PRICE, BRICK & LACE and GINO GREEN GLOBAL. SCURRY LIFE VOL.3 coming soon features DJ DRAMA, CHINGY, LUPE FIASCO, LIL MAMA, BOBBY VALENTINO, JASON FOX and much more. SCURRY LIFE Vol.1 was featured in THE SOURCE as one of the hottest DVD’S on the streets. The industry is taking notice that NEW YORK HIP HOP AIN’T DEAD! The Bronx MC has sharp lyrics and a versatile flow, with the capability to go hard on street anthems like “LAST HOPE” then take it to the club with songs like “WORK IT OUT” and “EVERYDAY IS SADADAY”.

THIS IS HIP HOP AT ITS FINEST! With 5*4*20 RECORDS and SCURRY LIFE DVD , SADADAY is not just an artist he is a entrepreneur proving you don’t have to be on a major label to make major moves! The album "EVERYDAY IS SADADAY" CD/DVD COMING SOON. WELCOME TO SADATOWN, MIXTAPE & DVD OUT NOW! SCURRY LIFE DVD VOL.2 IN STORES NOW! SCURRY LIFE VOL.3 COMING SOON!