Friday, May 16, 2008

Papoose Breaks Silence On Remy Ma And Escape Plot

Papoose is aggravated. This week, he was already in the news for bursting out in rage after his fiance, rapper Remy Ma was sentenced to eight years in prison for shooting her former friend in a money dispute. On the heels of the trial, Papoose was heard screaming in the courtroom and was also accused of an escape plot. Pap recently opened up more as to why he was so upset and dismissed any talk of an "escape."

"I got a little bit aggravated. I think anybody would," Pap told MTV. "To see a female get persecuted like that for something they didn't do. ... Then, on the other hand, you see Sean Bell get murdered by police and they just walk out the courtroom. A crime they admitted they did. Then somebody that's suspected of a crime goes to jail and gets sentenced to eight years. These police gun a man down and murder him. In the same city a mother gets snatched away from her child. It's aggravating."

He went on to say that Remy's lawyer, Ivan Fisher, was "incompetent," and added more as to why he felt the trial was unfair.

"I never seen a case with more issues, more grounds for appeal than hers. Everybody had different stories. Nobody's stories matched. They all lied on the stand. It's disgusting. It's obvious what that case was about."

Pap spoke with his fiance on Wednesday and noted that she has a message for her audience.

"Thanks for the support. Black people, go to jury [duty]."

Papoose added that there was a racial divide in terms of the jury and claimed it may have hurt Remy.

"Out of a hundred-and-something jurors while they were doing jury selection, there were only six blacks. ... It was an all-white jury. ... [But] she's maintaining. She's got a strong mind. The case is definitely gonna be appealed. Everything in the dark will come to the light."

Although the two were supposed to be married, all plans were called off when reports surfaced that Papoose had a key to unlock her handcuffs.

"That whole claim and that rumor is ridiculous," he replied. "Ever since she's been incarcerated, I've been going to visit her consistently. I've always had my key chain that has the key to my truck, my crib. ... Everything that was on my key chain was always there [during my visits]. The [corrections officers have] always seen my key chain. This particular time, this one dude. I guess he had a bad day or something. One C.O. looked at it like, 'You can't bring this in here.' "

After this, Pap was asked to speak to the Warden, which he found to be too much.

"It was a small key. I honestly don't think the sh-- could open handcuffs. [Sneak it to her] on Rikers Island? What are you gonna do with that? For me to give her a handcuff key, that's ridiculous. They put in the papers [that] I was trying to help her escape and all that. If that was true, I would have been arrested. It was just an excuse for them to do some of the foul things they did."

Finally, Pap added that his heart is still in the same place and that he will remain loyal to his fiancee.

"People scatter. My heart is pure. It's not in my heart to leave somebody when they're in a time of need. [Crisis] actually brings me closer to them. I'mma hold her down, keep her mind steady. She's gonna be alright."

He has already recorded a song, "My Girl," about the case and dedicated it to all women