Sunday, April 13, 2008

R.I.P. To B-Boy Legend: Frosty Freeze

The bleak weather in the Northeast today is a fitting companion to the news of b-boy Frosty Freeze's passing. The legendary hip-hop icon died yesterday in a Manhattan hospital after reportedly being there since March 27. The cause of death is unknown at this time. B-boy legend Crazy Legs told that Freeze had pneumonia, but he was not ready to comment on any official causes of death. Freeze was 44. Those less familiar with Freeze, born Wayne Frost, know him best for his role in the 1983 film Flashdance, and his membership in New York's Rock Steady Crew. He was an instrumental figure in bringing the b-boy lifestyle to an international audience, and is considered one of the pioneers of b-boying. As the mainstream exploited b-boying, he worked hard in the past two decades to keep the culture alive. As b-boying is so often neglected when discussing hip-hop today, Freeze's absence will be felt.

"Without Frosty Freeze, a lot of bboys wouldn't be rockin' how they're rockin' today," said Mayan Tamang, B-boy of the Floor Lords and Funk Lordz. "He educated young b-boys like myself in the art of b-boying and hip hop culture. Not only was he a good friend, but he was also a big brother and a legendary icon with a legacy that will live forever and ever.