Friday, March 14, 2008

UPDATE: No Suspects Found in Grand Hustle Shooting

The Cincinnati Police Department refuted claims of suspects being found in the Philant Johnson homicide case.

"There have been no arrests in this case and there are no warrants pending," said Cincinnati Police Public Information Commander Lt. Mark Briede, according to AllHipHop. "We've heard that Atlanta radio is reporting it and we've gotten several calls about this. But we know nothing about it."

Media Liason Fran Cihon further explained that details would be unavailable because the case was under active investigation. "Our investigators don't discuss their investigations unless there is a major development or an arrest. Once a homicide takes place, we do a media release announcing the crime and it's investigation. But we don't do updates on a case, with the exception of situations where information is uncovered that the public could use to help us resolve the case. In those situations, we release that information to the press in hopes of driving up Crimestoppers tips."

Reports from an Atlanta radio station earlier this week stated that Cincinnati police apprehended two suspects, and were close to arresting a third, in the murder of Philant Johnson, a Grand Hustle Records employee.

Johnson was shot on I-75 in Cincinnati following an argument between rapper T.I.'s entourage (of which Johnson was a member) and several unknown individuals at Club Ritz.


Anonymous said...

As Philant aunt thank you for posting the truth. I have been leaving comments on various blogs in an effort to stop this bad story from circulating. Thanks for getting the correct word out. I spoke with Ryan on Friday and he was not apologetic for reporting this lie. I am quite ashame of him for reporting false news. Aunt J.

The HyPe said...

No problem, The Mainstream Media reports alot of half truths as news.

I hope this doesn't turn into another unsolved murder.

My best to your entire family.