Friday, March 28, 2008

Remy Ma Is Convicted of Assault

Remy was found guilty today on four different charges, two counts of first-degree assault, attempted coercion, and criminal possession of a weapon, is reporting.

Remy was found not guilty of two additional charges, gang assault and witness tampering, which we among nine total charges she was facing.

The charges all stem from a 2007 dispute over $3,000, in which Makeda Barnes-Joseph was shot in the abdomen by Remy.

According to a source to TMZ, Barnes-Joseph’s friends and family taunted Remy upon hearing the verdict and chaos in the courtroom ensued.

The Associated Press is also reporting that Remy began crying as the verdict was read, then sobbed and wailed loudly afterwards outside of the courtroom. Supporters of Remy were also crying.

Remy faces up to 25 years in prison at sentencing.