Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rap Sessions, A Hip-Hop Inspired Speaker Tour Takes The Road

Hip Hop-inspired political dialog group Rap Sessions is gearing up for its third annual speaking tour. As to be expected, this year's focus will be the 2008 Presidential Election. The speaking panel includes executive director, author and former Source magazine editor-in-chief Bakari Kitwana, author and activist William Upski Wimsatt, BET's Jeff Johnson, and dead prez's M-1, among others.

In preparation for the event, Kitwana said, "The 2008 Presidential Election is the most important election of this generation’s lifetime. The goal of these gatherings is to educate youth on their civic rights and responsibilities, and, equally important, to help young voters understand ways to place their issues on the national agenda."

The dates for the tour are as follows:
11th; Boston, MA
12th; Fairfield, CT
25th; Bethlehem, PA
3rd ; San Francisco, CA
5th; Chicago, IL
8th; San Luis Obispo, CA
9th; Los Angeles, CA
18th; Milwaukee, WI