Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kanye Preps Book And Internet Search Engine

Before Kanye West launches his Glow In the Dark tour, which many estimate will be the year's highest-grossing tour, the rapper, producer and author will release a book and his own Google powered search engine. While the book deal for Thank You and You're Welcome was confirmed as early as mid 2007, excerpts from the book of "Kanye-isms" have now been released on Kanye's official blog at West, who co-wrote the book with fellow Chicago native J. Sakiya Sandifer, says it will be filled with "creative humorous and insightful philosophies and anecdotes used in creating my path to success"

The book is similar to Ghostface Killah's The World According To Pretty Toney, and Kanye offers up maxims such as "Get Use [sic] to Getting Used," "Be Leery of the Free Gift Bag" and "The Missing Banister Theory." Thank You and You're Welcome retails for $10, with autographed copies going to the first 500 people to preorder.
On the digital front, West has also launched the Internet search engine The move is a partnership with Protege LLC, who also has similar search engine partnerships with Beyonce, Akon and Randy Moss. Searches on the site will be powered by Google and, but they will also give fans an opportunity to earn an online currency called "Swag Bucks." After accumulating a certain amount of Swag Bucks, users can redeem them for autographed CDs, MP3 downloads, clothing and other exclusive Kanye West Merchandise.

"Being one of the top music artists of his generation, Kanye has a large and dedicated fan base", said Prodege VP of Marketing, Ron Leshem. "This is the perfect way for fans to support Kanye, while also earning a chance to win some amazing prizes for themselves." More information on Thank You and You're Welcome and Kanye's search engine are available at and