Tuesday, February 26, 2008


South Side of Chicago, in a area known as the Wild 100s, Rise has grown into a real talented producer/lyricist. Coming from the rough gangs of Chicago is a direct result of why the rhyme to reason or reason to rhyme has come out to play. As a new thoroughbred evolves into the game wit cruddy beats and real, raw life lyrics: Competition has a new face fa sho. Rise states: It's my belief that in order to become successful in a business you must learn every aspect of that business, so I did. With no hesitation, Rise continued his journey to NC to open a music studio Out of his own pocket entitled Sound Station Studios. Rise has laid down countless tracks establishing himself as a Writer/Artist/producer/engineer earning the most production credits on the Lords of

The Underground new album entitled (The House Of Lords). Rise also has Recorded and Produced Records for DTP/DEFJAM Artist Brolic D. Now with other artist & producers to add fuel to the fire, Rise is ready for any challenge that lies ahead. Relentlessly elevating his game & tactics, Rise is prepared to bring it to you, on his New Album Entitled Money Now Sleep Later, and New Mix tape Hosted by DJ Papa Smirf, from Miami prior to the Release of his Album. Rise is determined to make his impression known in America as well as internationally.