Friday, February 8, 2008

50 Cent Sheds Light On Young Buck Situation

50 Cent has officially denied the rumors of his intentionally withholding Young Buck from the G-Unit collaboration mixtape, Return of the Body Snatchers, and his international tour.

In an interview on DJ Kay Slay’s Streetsweepers Radio Show on Sirius Shade 45, 50 explained the misconception and confusion that had many fans wondering about Buck’s status with the Unit.

“During the actual international tour, Buck was scheduled to go on the ‘Young Rich Tour’—the tour Sha Money was putting together for him and Rich Boy—and I didn’t know that didn’t actually materialize while I was overseas,” 50 said.
50 also acknowledged that he could understand why the rumors arose, speaking on

Buck’s absence from the international tour and absence on the mixtape.
“It looks crazy because he just ain’t there, then you come back and see the tape and he ain’t there, but it’s not what people think it is,” 50 said.
Despite 50’s justifying of Buck being absent from the tour and album due to scheduling conflicts, a previous interview from Buck still leaves fans wondering if their relationship will still hold.

“It makes me feel like ‘What’s going on?’ [T]here’s no communication, so I don’t really understand why a lot of things is what it is,” Buck said in an interview on Phoenix, Arizona radio station Power 98.3.
As of now, Buck still remains an official member and artist on the G-Unit/Interscope label.